We test Sara AI
Asystent & Chatbot vs Sara AI
In this demo we gonna show you, how systems based on NLP, such as voice assistants and chatbots work, and how Sara AI works. This is not a film for professionals, it's just a demo showing a small part of our work and progress.
Sara AI and a cheap IP webcam
Look at the webcam on the table - it's just a cheap IP webcam - we gave it a bit of life. Sara AI - it's a project of artificial intelligence (please do not confuse AI with an assistant). You can talk to her talk about everything, you will find out anything you want, she can memorize anything for you.
Sara AI - lighting control
Google does it, Amazon does it, so do we - we only need Sara AI, 15 - 50 USD, screwdriver or Philips Hue bulb and we can control the home lighting.
Let's remember that all this is just the beginning, checking the concept - today we are working months away from it, but it's nice to leave the whole story online ...
Sara AI mini demo part 1 Automatic answers
Sara AI is of course also an assistant, but the difference is that in addition to providing definitions from Wikipedia, she can answer questions the way people do.
Sara AI mini demo part 2 Memorization and calendar
Sara AI can remember all the events that you tell her in a completely natural way. You do not need to know the rules, set the subject, specify time or reminders. Speak, and she will understand, and most importantly, you can ask for any event, just like you ask a human. You do not have to ask exactly as you said in order her to remember it - just ask and Sara will understand and answer. In addition to memorizing calendar events, Sara AI will also remember information such as where you put your documents. Say: "Remember that I put Samsung's warranty in the drawer under TV". In a year you can ask where it is, and she will tell you.
Sara AI mini demo part 3 Simple learning
Sara AI grows and learn. In addition to many original learning algorithms, she also has a few simple ones that we know and use on a daily basis, and which can be seen in this video.
Sara AI mini demo part 4 Image recognition and basic conversation
Sara AI uses all the technologies available, so that she can understand your speech, recognize your face and the faces of all your friends. She can speak, she can also recognize the objects she sees. Thanks to face recognition, you can leave a message for another person at home, for example: "Tell my mother that I went to the cinema with Mary". When Sara sees your mother, she will tell her what you asked for.
However, the most important is conversation - Sara not only answers questions, but can start conversation with you, or ask you about something. This way she learns and make friends.