Thursday, 17 June 2021 13:16

SaraEye in action

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SaraEye in action - no more wake words!

Thursday, 04 March 2021 14:00

SaraEye's new look

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We already know what our voice assistant SaraEye - one of our artificial intelligence subprojects SaraAI - will look like.
As we wrote earlier, thanks to the received funding we have strongly accelerated.

SaraEye project is about upgrading voice assistants to a higher level by adding sight and intelligence.
You can find more information on the project website, and here I would like to present our journey from the model to the final look.

The idea of creating Sara was born a long time ago, in the times when the Internet was in its infancy, speech recognition didn't work and there was no access to open knowledge bases. Fortunately, those limitations are behind us now, which allowed us to return to the project and start the first tests of the previously thought out assumptions. In one of our first published videos you can see our first prototype assistant made from a regular IP camera, where we show some aspects of the assistant that we would like to develop more. This only one and a half minute video, although older and amateurish, shows some key solutions, like establishing a kind of bond with the device or continuity of dialogue, which seems to us to be crucial and which we already described in another article "We are looking for Artificial Intelligence, and we get.... a speaker."

After the initial tests, seeing the limitations of using standard IP cameras, we further developed our assistant by adding a more powerful processor, a set of 6 microphones and fast motors, so that the camera could keep up with fast movement. The next hybrid version of SaraEye was born:

At the same time, we also made our first video showing some of the functionality we want to do in the already commercial version of SaraEye:

In late 2020, thanks to the funding we received for SaraEye and our collaboration with MindSailors Design Studio, we are finally creating the final shape and functionalities of SaraEye, which we will soon present in action, and at the moment we can already reveal its design:

How do you like it?


We are pleased to announce that our artificial intelligence project, won a distinction in the category START UP WITH POTENTIAL POLAND - WORLD in the competition promoting innovative and value-creating products and services: "Eagle of Innovation" of the daily newspaper "Rzeczpospolita".

Sunday, 11 October 2020 20:40

Good news...

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We are pleased to announce that one of our Artificial Intelligence subprojects SaraAI - interactive voice assistant based on proprietary image recognition algorithms "SaraCam" received EU funding from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Completion date: 01/12/2020 - 28/02/2022
Project value: PLN 1,232,608.08 (~320,000$)
Co-financing amount: PLN 937,279.70


Wednesday, 12 June 2019 08:04

A meeting of AI & BIG DATA Program Council

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On June 10th 2019, in the WeWork space at the European Hotel, a meeting of the Program Council took place before the autumn edition of # AIBigData2019, in which we took part.
Half a year in the world of new technologies is a lot of time. Therefore, the next edition of the congress promises to be fascinating, and we began work on its shape.
The most important issues raised during the June meeting:

  • business transformation
  • customer analytics & AI marketing in B2C
  • management of changes
  • cloud technologies
  • security

We invite you to watch the report from the meeting.

I think most of us have seen Metalhead (episode 5, the 4th Black Mirror series). In this black-and-white episode, dogs-like machines take control of the Earth, terrorising people with their ruthlessness.

After watching this episode, probably every IT fan is immediately reminded what Boston Dynamics creates. The similarity of film killers to real robots created in this company is striking. Interestingly, the company Boston Dynamics in 2019 is going to sell these nice dogs. At first, 100-1000 items per year.

Let's also see the evolution that takes place in front of our eyes in robotics, in which Boston Dynamics is undoubtedly the leader.

Imagine that "dogs" are being sold in large ammounts in the following years and suddenly, due to a software bug or hacker attack, the apocalypse from the Black Mirror movie begins ...

I calm everyone down. NO - these are not yet "terminators".

Robots of this type will be sold with a remote control, where we control where they go. For now, they are only such modern "remotes". Although they are equipped with autonomous mode, it is still only setting a straight path from point A to point B.

It's good that artificial intelligence is not yet available ... ("it was not available so far" - Sara AI gonna think to herself soon).