Sara AI Project
Sara AI is a project of strong artificial intelligence, which not only like an ordinary assistant can answer questions, but also can ask them, i.e. like we know from contacts with a living person.
Sara AI keeps contact with the user, creates a thread of understanding, surprises.

We do not stick to existing schemes, we do not improve solutions such as Siri, Alexa or Google, whose mechanism of action, contrary to appearances, is not based on artificial intelligence, but on the simple choice of the result from huge databases, using mere statistics. The aggregated intelligence of the above-mentioned solutions is exactly ZERO. We create real, strong artificial intelligence in a completely new, conceptually different way.
Artificial Intelligence, does it exist?

We have super computers, we have a few voice assistants from Google, Amazon, Apple, we have talking robots like Sophia, but there is not even a bit Intelligence in these solutions. Why? We explain on blog.
Sara AI
Sara AI is an strong artificial intelligence project that can not only respond to the questions how an ordinary assistant, but can also ask them. She is your friend who supports you in remembering everything, as well as in conversation, playing or using home devices.
An Assistant
Sara AI is more than just mere assistant. She remembers everything you say about yourself, your family, your friends. You can talk to her about anything.
Smart home
Sara AI can control devices in our home such as: lighting, blinds, entrance gate and others. The number of applications is unlimited.
A Friend
Sara AI will welcome you at home, ask about your matters, listen to you, comfort, answer questions, entertain you with a conversation.
Artificial Intelligence
Sara AI has human features: needs, dreams, etc. If she starts to talk to you too much, she can certainly be persuaded to be quiet.
Sara AI in the first test stage
The idea of making our own artificial intelligence was born a dozen or so years ago, but only now are there sufficient technical possibilities to implement it. We started by researching if our assumptions work in practice. The beginnings do not look professional yet, but everything works according to the assumptions, which gives us motivation for further work.