ChatGPT with a sense of sight
Introducing the world's first ChatGPT with a sense of sight!
Be amazed by our ChatGPT-powered voice assistant that not only hears but also sees and asks questions based on what it sees.
Is this the future of ChatGPT?
It's Easier Than Ever
see in the video on the left how much easier it is to talk to an assistant who recognizes you and you don't have to start each sentence with the words "Alexa ..." or "OK Google ..."
Meet SaraEye
Alexa or ChatGPT-based, intelligent voice assistant, expanded with the sense of sight.
Raise your assistant to a higher level, give him sense of sight and intelligence - meet SaraEye.
SaraEye is part of our larger project of strong artificial intelligence SaraAI. Thanks to the capabilities of the new system, today users of ChatGPT, Alexa and Google will be able to raise the comfort of using assistants to a whole new level.
Imagine the possibilities of ChatGPT that can see you... No, just watch the video to see how it works right now.
Thanks to the face recognition function, SaraEye knows who she is talking to, so you can ask her to provide specific information to the person - see in the video above how much it changes and enriches your assistant.
Amazon Alexa
No more constantly saying the word "Alexa". Before issuing the command, just look at the camera, the camera, i.e. your improved assistant Alexa, sees it and knows that you are talking to her.
OK Google
No more constantly saying words "OK Google". Before issuing the command, just look at the camera, the camera, i.e. your Google assistant, can see it and know that you are talking to it.

Premiere of SaraEye

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